Glastir Small Grants Scheme – Carbon

Posted by ChantelleStenner on January 4, 2021

Glastir Small Grants Scheme – Carbon

January 04, 2021 at 3:56 PM

Glastir Small Grants is a programme of capital works available to farming businesses across Wales to carry out projects that will help to lock up carbon.

Capital Works items will be identified as ‘Main’ and ‘Supportive’ Work(s) which, together, form a ‘Project’.

The Project will be;

• The Main Capital Work, which will address the theme objectives

• The Supportive Capital Work(s), which will allow the Main Capital Work to be undertaken, e.g. Hedge planting (option 900), is the Main Capital     Work, while post and wire fencing (option 594), to protect the new hedge from damage, would be a Mandatory Supportive Capital Work, and   Hardwood Timber Field Gates (option 599) would be an Optional Supportive Capital Work.

The Carbon Theme offers Capital Works that have been chosen for their broad and general environmental benefits and their ability to deliver the Welsh Government’s ambitions on increasing carbon sequestration. Carbon sequestration is the long-term storage of carbon dioxide and has been proposed as a way to slow the atmospheric accumulation of greenhouse gases.

Enhancing carbon removal

All trees and shrubs absorb carbon dioxide during growth. The goal of agricultural carbon removal is to use hedgerows and trees and their relation to the carbon cycle to sequester carbon dioxide.

Hedgerows are highly valued for stock management, providing shelter for livestock, as well as an effective barrier to reduce the spread of animal diseases.

The Welsh Government recognises the importance of hedgerows as part of our cultural heritage and for their great value to wildlife and the landscape. Increasingly, they are also valued for the major role they have to play in preventing soil loss and reducing diffuse pollution.

An increase in hedgerows and trees throughout Wales will positively affect climate change by taking greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere through carbon storage in biomass. Agricultural carbon sequestration practices have positive effects on soil, air and water quality, as well as biodiversity.

Expression of Interest (EoI)

Selection and scoring

Glastir Small Grants Contracts

For further details please contact Kathryn Williams on 07971 583638 or email

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