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Animal Health and Welfare


The window for applications is now open. It will remain open for 12 weeks. The deadline is 15 June at midday.


These grants are offered through the Farming Equipment and Technology Fund.  They represent the next step on the Animal Health and Welfare Pathway. Just like other parts of the Pathway, it has been developed through careful co-design with farmers, academics, vets and industry groups.


So, if you are a livestock farmer who keeps cattle, pigs, sheep, broiler chickens or laying hens, this is a great opportunity to get some funding towards the cost of items that will help improve the health and welfare of your livestock.


These grants, of between £1,000 and £25,000, go towards the cost of items from a list which are designed to improve the health and welfare of your livestock. 


The list announced includes items that farmers will find useful for their businesses and help to improve the health and welfare of their animals such as;


  • Mobile cattle handling system

  • Hydraulic or pneumatic operated squeeze crush

  • Mobile sheep handling systems

  • Electronic weigh crate for sheep

  • Electronic pig weighing and sorting facility

  • Enclosed piglet creeps with heat pad

  • Automatic weigh scale for poultry

  • Spin feeder for poultry

  • Auto vaccination gun for livestock

  • Electric fencing package

For more information or help with your application contact: Kathryn Williams – 07971 583 638

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