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Farming Equipment and Technology Fund Grant

A new round of Farming Equipment and Technology Fund grant is opening soon, this forms part of the Farming Investment Fund.


It offers grants for specific items of equipment to increase productivity, boost environmental sustainability and improve animal health and welfare.


Farmers, foresters and growers in England, including contractors to these sectors, can apply for a grant between £1,000 and £25,000. Grants go towards the cost of specific items from a prescribed list.

The Farming Equipment and Technology Fund 2023 is split into 2 themes:

  • Productivity and Slurry - Applications are open now and close 4th April 2023

  • Animal Health and Welfare - Applications are expected to open in March 2023

The Government has published detailed guidance on GOV.UK. Lists of items can be found for both grants.

Productivity and Slurry grant

  • The items in this list improve agricultural sustainability and horticultural and forestry productivity, helping farmers use less inputs, reduce emissions and cut waste.

Productivity and Slurry items (Annex 3)

Animal Health and Welfare grant

  • The items in this list offer improvements in the health and welfare of livestock, potentially helping farmers improve biosecurity or decrease environmental stress.

Animal Health and Welfare items (Annex 4)

Each item has a score assigned to it based on our assessment of how well it meets the objectives of the scheme.  

If the scheme is oversubscribed, the Government will allocate funding to those items with the highest score first.   


If you need further details or would like help with an application, please contact Kathryn Williams on 07971 583638 email:

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