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Small Grants – Yard Coverings


The application window will open on 27 June 2022 and close on 5 August 2022.

The indicative budget allocation for this application window is £3.0m.

The Small Grants – Yard Coverings scheme is a capital scheme designed to support farmers in Wales to improve on-farm nutrient management by investing in existing on-farm infrastructure.

Support is provided to separate rainwater and slurry from areas such as livestock feeding and gathering areas, manure storage areas and slurry/silage stores.

The objectives are to increase on-farm investment, increase technical performance, increase on farm production efficiencies and increase on-farm resource efficiencies.

You are eligible to apply if:

You are registered with the Welsh Government and have been issued with a Customer Reference Number (CRN).

You must:

• be a primary producer of agricultural products
• have 3ha of eligible agricultural land registered with RPW in Wales or
• be able to demonstrate over 550 standard labour hours

We will check if you have an eligible Basic Payment Scheme or Glastir Organic claim to verify if you are a primary producer of agricultural products and you have 3ha of eligible agricultural land in Wales.

Maximum Grant Rate and Maximum Grant Threshold

The maximum grant award is £12,000 and the minimum is £3,000.

The grant provides a maximum 40% contribution towards standard costed capital investments (excluding VAT), which has been pre-identified as offering clear and quantifiable benefits to farm businesses.

Your application may exceed the maximum grant. If your EoI is selected, the related claim will be capped to the maximum £12,000.

If you have previously applied for Farm Business Grant Yard Coverings, the total grant received will not count towards the maximum grant available through the Small Grants – Yard Coverings scheme.

All eligible applicants have £12,000 maximum grant available to them.

Key Requirements

All items to be purchased within 12 months of the contract being offered.

Ensure all investments have been completed at the time you submit your claim.

For existing livestock feeding areas, livestock gathering areas and manure storage areas, applicants must demonstrate the whole area has a floor impermeable to water e.g. concrete.

Existing flooring will need to be shown in the EoI application using geo-tagged photographs.

Where a roof is constructed over a silage or slurry store, it is likely to impact on the integrity of the existing structure, therefore, a minimum of 14 days’ notice must be issued to NRW in writing before construction of a new, substantially enlarged or reconstructed store containing silage begins.


For further information please contact Kathryn Williams by email or mobile 07971 583638

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