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Small Grants - Yard Coverings


The application window will open on 20 May 2024 and close on 28 June 2024

The indicative budget allocation for this application window is £3,000,000.

The Small Grants – Yard Coverings scheme is a capital scheme designed to support farmers in Wales to improve on-farm nutrient management by investing in existing on-farm infrastructure.

Support is provided to separate rainwater and slurry from areas such as livestock feeding and gathering areas, manure storage areas and slurry/silage stores.

The objectives are to increase on-farm investment, increase technical performance, increase on-farm production efficiencies, and increase on-farm resource efficiencies.

Key Requirements


  • All items to be purchased within 12 months of the contract being offered.

  • Ensure all investments have been completed at the time you submit your claim.

  • For existing livestock feeding areas, livestock gathering areas and manure storage areas, applicants must demonstrate the whole area has a floor impermeable to water e.g. concrete.

  • Existing flooring will need to be shown in the EOI application using geo-tagged photographs.

  • Where a roof is constructed over a silage or slurry store, it is likely to impact on the integrity of the existing structure, therefore, a minimum of 14 days’ notice must be issued to NRW in writing before construction of a new, substantially enlarged or reconstructed store containing silage begins.


Maximum Grant Rate and Maximum Grant Threshold

  • The maximum grant award is £12,000 and the minimum is £3,000.

  • The grant provides a maximum 40% contribution towards standard costed capital investments (excluding VAT), which has been pre-identified as offering clear and quantifiable benefits to farm businesses.

  • Your application may exceed the maximum grant. If your EOI is selected, the related claim will be capped to the maximum £12,000.

  • If you have previously applied for Farm Business Grant Yard Coverings, the total grant received will not count towards the maximum grant available through the Small Grants - Yard Coverings scheme. All eligible applicants have £12,000 maximum grant available to them.


On submission of the EOI, geo-tagged photographs must be submitted to evidence the following:


• Area to be covered and its current use.

• Relation of the area to neighbouring permanent structures.

• Current flooring of the whole area.

• Intended location of supportive items.

• If you are applying for supportive items that will be in more than one location you will need to submit photographs showing each location.

• For primary items (roofing) a minimum of four photographs are required, taken from different angles. Where location allows, from a North, South, East and West direction.


Example of Primary Items

  • Roofing – livestock feeding area - Grant Value - £40.00 per sqm

  • Roofing – slurry stores - Grant Value - £40.00 per sqm

  • Roofing – silage stores - Grant Value - £40.00 per sqm

  • Roofing – Manure storage area - Grant Value - £40.00 per sqm


Example of Supportive Items

  • Cross Drains - Grant Value - £32.88 per sqm

  • Rainwater Goods (Guttering) – Only for existing farm buildings - Grant Value - £3.61 per sqm

  • Kerbing - Grant Value - £15.91 per sqm

  • Sleeping Policemen - Grant Value - £14.54 per sqm

For more information or help with your application contact:

Kathryn Williams – 07971 583 638

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