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The Wales Peatland Action Programme 


  • Building on the work already done during the first two years of the programme, a new grant scheme opens 4th April 2022 to 4th July 2022.

  • £100,000 capital funds are available as £10k-£30k grants to individuals and organisations for developing peatland conservation projects.

  • The associated development Grants projects must be completed by end of March 2023.

  • These could then be projects ready for delivery in 2023/24, potentially funded through the Wales Peatland Action Programme, or other funding streams.

  • Webinars to explain the application process will be conducted on Teams on 26/4 (1:00pm) & 27/4 (10am & 11:30am) with registration in English and Welsh.

  • The grants contribute to NRW’s strategic vision as Clare Pillman, Natural Resources Wales Chief Executive said at the launch: “Work to restore Welsh peatlands is showing signs of success, but there’s still a lot to do. That’s where the grants come in. With most Welsh peatlands still in a poor condition, we’re looking forward to a lot of interest from individuals and organisations across Wales that want to make a difference.”

  • The grants are supported by Welsh Government with the Minister for Climate Change Julie James saying at the launch: “I encourage groups and communities to get involved in the restoration and protection of our bogs so we can pass on a Wales that we are proud of, to our future generations.”


  • the Peatlands of Wales Map is part of a new one-stop-shop Welsh Peatland Data Portal of information on many aspects of peatland conservation, managed by Natural Resources Wales (NRW).

  • It captures the extent and depth of Welsh peatlands, including information about how much carbon they store and an estimate of the carbon they release into the atmosphere when in a poor condition.

  • The Map is available free to download and use. It will be regularly updated to show an ever-improving picture of the habitat’s recovery through conservation management.

Restoring Wales’s peatlands involves a wide range of partners, most importantly the farmers and other land managers so critical to the survival of these unique places. We hope this new grant will encourage and support people who have not yet engaged with peat and restoration.

For more information please contact Kathryn Williams on 07971 583638 or email

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