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Rural England Prosperity Fund


The Rural England Prosperity Fund is £110 million which has been allocated by the government to provide capital grant to support specific rural areas such as farms and rural businesses which are considering diversifying income streams.


Rural areas often face specific challenges including:


  • lower productivity rates

  • poorer connectivity

  • poorer access to key services


The Rural Fund supports the aims of the government’s Levelling Up White Paper and Future Farming Programme. It funds capital projects for small businesses and community infrastructure. This will help to improve productivity and strengthen the rural economy and rural communities.


The Rural Fund is integrated into the UKSPF which supports productivity and prosperity in places that need it most. For eligible local authorities, the Rural Fund is a rural top-up to UKSPF allocations. It supports activities that specifically address the particular challenges rural areas face. It is complementary to funding used to support rural areas under the UKSPF.


The funding will be assigned to the eligible local authorities for distribution between April 2023 and April 2025. The local authorities will determine the local investment priorities.


The allocated funding for the local area is:


·         Shropshire           £2,589,503

·         Herefordshire      £1,705,669

·         Forest of Dean     £614,444

·         Malvern Hills        £500,624

·         North Warwickshire     £495,639

·         South Staffordshire      £489,391

·         Stratford-on-Avon        £1,015,179

·         Stafford                 £487,936

·         Wychavon             £819,286

For more information or help with your application contact: Kathryn Williams – 07971 583 638

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