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Contact details:

Oswestry Office: 01691 659658

Mobile number:  07971 052335


Philip Meade


Philip started his career with the Defence Land Agents in Shrewsbury in 1990, where he was responsible for the management of two large training areas in Staffordshire and Shropshire, acting as the liaison between the military who used the estates for training, and the tenant farmers who farmed it.

He passed his professional exams in 1992 and became a professional member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. He then left the MOD and joined the family business in 1993 and opened the Shropshire office of Davis Meade and Partners in February 1993. The firm was appointed as advisors to the Farmers Union of Wales in 1993, a position it still proudly holds over twenty years later.

He was appointed to the panel of Rural Arbitrators by the President of the RICS in 2009 and is one of only about 25 rural arbitrators on the panel in England and Wales. He was also appointed to the CAAV panel of rural arbitrators in 2020.

Philip currently chairs the RICS Dispute Resolution Property Group Board which is responsible for setting the strategic direction for the future of Dispute Resolution in the RICS, and for identifying and serving the information needs of their Dispute Resolution members.

He also sits on a number of working parties including the working party that produced the current RICS diploma in arbitration and is the Author of the RICS Guidance note on Rural Arbitration (1st Edition May 2017) and the RICS Conflicts of Interest for Members Acting as Dispute Resolvers, 2nd edition (February 2021).

As well as speaking regularly on Dispute Resolution, Philip is an RICS tutor for the arbitration diploma and has been a repeat speaker at RICS conferences for arbitrators. He also speaks regularly to farming groups including the Farmers Weekly Fertile Minds conference in December 2014 and lectures at CAAV conferences. He sits on the Tenancy Reform Industry Group for the Farmer’s Union of Wales and is on the organising committee for Rural Arbrix.

A veteran advocate of over 200 arbitrations and Tribunals, he is passionate about raising the standards of all involved in dispute resolution, including the advocates, the expert witnesses and the dispute resolver.

He has appeared as expert witness in the High Court and Lands Tribunal (now First Tier Tribunal) and has advised private clients, corporate clients and Government on dispute resolution issues.

His greatest passion, however, is spending time with his wife and two young daughters.

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