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Woodland Creation Planning Scheme


The closing date for this scheme is 31st December 2022.


The Woodland Creation Planning scheme (WCPS) offers grants of between £1,000 and £5,000 to develop plans for new woodland creation.


Plans must be verified by Natural Resources Wales (NRW) to make sure they meet the UK Forestry Standard (UKFS) and the scheme rules. After a plan has been successfully verified, it will be eligible for the Woodland Creation Grant (WCG).


The funding will allow you to use a registered woodland planner to develop a woodland creation plan using a template. Additional information needs to be included in the template if an Environment Impact Assessment is required, and this will be agreed in a mandatory pre-application discussion with NRW.


Your Expression of Interest (EoI) must be for a woodland plan of at least 0.25 Hectares in size.


As part of our plan to tackle the climate emergency, Wales needs to plant 43,000 hectares of new woodland by 2030. To help achieve this, the Welsh Government has introduced the new Woodland Creation Planning Scheme (WCPS).


The WCPS is available throughout the year and offers grants of between £1,000 and £5,000 to develop plans for new woodland creation.


Separate funding via The Woodland Creation Grant (WCG) or The Woodland Investment Grant (TWIG) offers funding for tree planting, fencing and gates to farmers and land managers once you have an approved woodland creation scheme.


For more information or help with your application contact: Kathryn Williams – 07971 583 638 or email

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