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Growing for the Environment (Autumn cover crops) 


The application window will open on 5 June 2023 and close on 14 July 2023

This application window supports the establishment of an un-sprayed cover crop following autumn harvesting of cereals or maize where soil, after harvesting, is ordinarily left bare or stubble retained.

The indicative budget allocation for this application window is £350,000.

The scheme objectives are to support farmers to:

  • Reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Adapt to climate change and build greater resilience into farm businesses.

  • Improve water quality and reduce flood risks.

  • Contribute towards a reversal in the decline of Wales’ native biodiversity


  • You are registered with the Welsh Government and have been issued with a Customer Reference Number (CRN).

  • You must:

    • be a primary producer of agricultural products

    • have 3ha of eligible agricultural land registered with RPW in Wales or

    • be able to demonstrate over 550 standard labour hours


The primary production of agricultural products includes the following farming sectors:

  • arable

  • beef

  • dairy

  • goats

  • horticulture (including hydroponics and aquaponics)

  • pigs

  • poultry

  • sheep

  • apiculture

Minimum and Maximum Grant award

  • The minimum grant award is equivalent to the payment rate for 1 ha of eligible crop.

  • Maximum grant award is £5,000.

Key requirements

  • The minimum area that can be applied for is 1 ha of cover crops

  • Applicants can split the minimum 1ha area across one or more land parcels.

  • All crops to be grown to the standards set out in Annex A.

  • The choice of variety and mix of species needs to be appropriate to the location.

  • Only use certified seed at the recommended seed rate

  For further information please contact Kathryn Williams:


  Mobile: 07971 583638

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