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Small Grants – Environment (Water)


The application window will open on 21st August 2023 and close on 29th September 2023.

Small Grants - Environment Water Theme offers Capital Works that have been chosen for their broad and general environmental benefits and their ability to deliver the Welsh Government’s ambitions to improve water quality and reduce flood risk.  

A Small Grants - Environment Project will be made up of one Main Capital Work underwritten with one or multiple Supporting Capital Works. Please note, Supporting Capital Works are either mandatory, optional or unavailable, depending on which Main Capital Work item is being supported within a Project.

Examples of ‘Main Capital Works’


  • Trees and Shrubs - £0.80 Each

  • Hedge laying - £5.53/m

  • Rainwater goods (Guttering) - £9.02/m

  • Kerbing - £39.78/m

  • Maintenance of Gateways (Hardcore) - £5.98/m2

Supportive Capital Works    


  • Ladder Stile - £107.00 Each

  • Water Gate - £100.00 Each

  • Timber Field Gates - £236.00 Each

  • Post and Wire Fencing - £2.77/m

  • Water Troughs - £118.00 Each

Land managers and farming businesses are selected for Small Grants – Environment (water) following the submission of an Expression of Interest (EoI) to the Welsh Government. The EoI is scored on its ability to contribute towards delivering the aims of the Small Grants - Environment theme. Those with the ability to deliver the most towards the objectives of the theme are scored highest.

You are eligible to apply if:

  • You are registered with the Welsh Government and have been issued with a Customer Reference Number (CRN).

  • Your land is registered within the Welsh Government Land Parcel Identification System (LPIS) as of August 2022.


Land eligibility:

  • The land must be agricultural land.

  • Field parcels must be located in Wales.

  • You must have full management control of the land up until the contract end date to enable you to fulfill the obligations of the scheme.

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