Farming in Protected Landscapes – Shropshire AONB Grant APPLICATIONS NOW CLOSED

Defra launched the Farming in Protected Landscapes fund in July 2021. The programme will run to April 2024 and is aimed at farmers and land managers in England’s Protected Landscapes (AONBs and National Parks).

Kathryn Williams of Davis Meade Property Consultants has recently been appointed to the Farming in Protected Landscapes Shropshire Hills AONB Partnership panel.

Farmers and land managers can apply for grants for projects to provide benefits to one or preferably more of the following categories:- climate, nature, people and place on land in the Shropshire Hills AONB;


  • More carbon is stored and/or sequestered

  • Flood risk is reduced

  • Farmers, land managers and the public better understand what different habitats and land uses can store carbon and reduce carbon emissions

  • The landscape is more resilient to climate change


  • There is a greater area of habitat improved for biodiversity

  • There is an increase in biodiversity

  • There is greater connectivity between habitats

  • Existing habitat is better managed


  • There are more opportunities for people to explore, enjoy and understand the landscape

  • There are more opportunities for more diverse audiences to explore, enjoy and understand the landscape

  • There is greater public engagement in land management, such as through volunteering

  • Farmers and land managers feel increasingly comfortable with providing public goods


  • The quality and character of the landscape is reinforced or enhanced

  • Historic structures and features are conserved, enhanced or interpreted more effectively

  • There is an increase in farm business resilience

Who can apply?

Applications will be accepted from farmers and land managers within an AONB or National Park in England, or the Norfolk Broads. The programme may also support activity on other land where that activity can demonstrate benefit to the Protected Landscape, or the Protected Landscape organisation’s objectives or partnership initiatives. Your Farming in Protected Landscapes adviser can advise on whether your land / project is eligible.

What costs can I apply for?

Maximum grant allowance

The maximum grant you can apply for through this programme is £250,000 for a single project although we will only go up to this limit for projects offering exceptional outputs and value for money.  We envisage most projects will be in the range £5,000 - £100,000.

Minimum grant allowance

The minimum grant allowance for the Farming in Protected Landscapes Programme in the Shropshire Hills AONB 2021/22 is £3,000. This may change in subsequent years of the programme.

When can I apply?

For the first year of funding, you can apply from 1st July 2021 – 31st January 2022. You can submit your application at any time during this window, though as funding is limited early applications are encouraged.

If you would like further information on the grant fund, please feel free to contact Kathryn Williams via or visit the Shropshire AONB website.